Video: Run the Jewels – Meowpurrdy

Here’s something to disturb you for the rest of your day. Run the Jewels have released a video for ‘Meowpurrdy’, the lead track on their bonkers remix album Meow the Jewels. The track features Lil Bub, Maceo and Delonte.

To catch you up, after the success of their outstanding second album Run the Jewels 2 in 2014, El-P cracked a joke at the expense of bandwagon-jumping Kickstarter campaigners, and started one of his own – that he would remix Run the Jewels 2 using nothing but cat sounds. Within days, the joke had backfired, and he had reached, and far surpassed, his target. True to his word, last September, Meow the Jewels was let loose upon the world in all its glory.

The album is surprisingly easy to listen to, albeit a little freaky at times. But that is nothing compared to the mutant aberrations that populate this new video. Directed by the animator Cyriak, who specialises in nightmarishly distorting living things, it is frankly terrifying.

The good news is that El-P and Killer Mike are reportedly back in the studio, working on Run the Jewels 3. It’ll be good to have them back in the human world.



Well I never. This is the first ever entry in my new blog, Finding My Edge. Congratulations on being an early adopter!

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be posting my thoughts on the new albums that are floating my boat. Nothing too detailed or extensive, just a collection of honest reactions to the things that I think deserve a mention in the overcrowded world of new music.

Coming up soon will be a few words about 2016’s first truly great release, which is of course David Bowie’s Blackstar.

Until then, how about we kick things off by revelling in something brand new: the crazed, dystopian, Mad Max-inspired video for Grimes’ new single ‘Kill v. Maim’.

The video is directed by Claire Boucher herself, alongside her brother Mac. ‘Kill v. Maim’ is from her album Art Angels, released last November, and is one of the most darkly hyperactive earworms that Grimes has released to date. Anything less than this juggernaut of a video would have been a disappointment, frankly.