Hi! I’m Max Pilley, and you’ve somehow reached my blog. I’m currently a masters student at Manchester Metropolitan University, studying Multimedia Journalism.

My passion is for music, old and new. My aim for this blog is to update on at least a weekly basis with relatively brief reviews for the new albums that have caught my ear, and that I think are worth the attention.

As time moves forward, I may well start to expand the remit of the blog to include other topics, but that’s for the future.

I also write for a couple of other music websites: Silent Radio  and Treble. Please do pay them a visit too, so much great work goes into maintaining those sites. I also help to produce and present a weekly radio show for Silent Radio, which goes out at 3-5 on a Saturday afternoon on Fab Radio International, which is a lot of fun.

And, in case you were wondering, the title does come from the great LCD Soundsystem song about feeling like a younger generation of more passionate and more engaged music fans are coming through and stealing your thunder. Nothing to read into that, obviously.


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