#1: Kate Tempest – Europe Is Lost


If you haven’t heard Kate’s 2016 album ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’ yet, then please put that right soon. I spent a lot of the year lamenting the fact that too few young artists had anything to say about the alarming chain of events that unfolded throughout the year, and I stand by that criticism. But, in October came this record. The album tells the story of one moment in the middle of one night in the lives of the inhabitants of a residential street in London in 2016. Telling their stories one by one, it is a blistering attack on everything that is wrong. A lot of the venom comes to a head on this track – the 3 minute tirade after the breakdown half way through is a Gil Scott-Heron-worthy tour de force of political fury. Thank god somebody is here to say it.


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