#21: Radiohead – Present Tense


What is there left to say about Radiohead. They have long been the measure by which alternative rock bands should be judged, both in terms of intelligence and success. They are masters of self-preservation in a world where mystery is increasingly rare, and they release music infrequently enough that it is still a big deal when it happens. This year’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ was an excellent snapshot of those five men at this stage in their careers and lives – still trying to resolve emotional confusion, but with 25 years of experience of how best to articulate it. They could never have become world-beaters if their early music had sounded like this, but they are not going to let their success hinder their progression now. I could have picked almost any song from the album for this list, but ‘Present Tense’ was the most sentimental pick as a long-time fan of the band.


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