#23: Burial – Young Death



In the early part of this decade, it had become a festive tradition to hurriedly re-jig your songs of the year list to make way for the unannounced Burial EP that would inevitably drop around the start of December. In the case of 2013, his ‘Come Down To Us’ went straight in at number one on mine. It would probably be my song of the decade at this stage.


Burial’s music has been enormously special to me since his second album ‘Untrue’ came out back in 2007. His production is the soundtrack to urban decay, the musical branch of the Banksy aesthetic that chronicles with unflinching honesty the reality of living in a big city where the few prosper and the rest suffer. At his best, his music pushes you into revelatory spaces, and you suppose that somewhere in all that noise is the answer. This new release on his resident Hyperdub Records is a return to the trademark Burial sound. The glitchy samples, the paranoia and the sliced beats are all there, and it is enormously satisfying. Perhaps not there with the great man’s finest work, but still better than most.


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