#32: A Tribe Called Quest (ft. Busta Rhymes) – Dis Generation


Who would have ever dared believe that a new Tribe album would be as brilliant as ‘We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service’ turned out to be. Dropped out of nowhere at the tail end of the year, it is a stick of dynamite planted right in the heart of 2016 hip-hop culture. The late Phife Dawg is poignantly laced through this and most other tracks on the album, and long-time honourable Tribe member Busta Rhymes interlocks seamlessly with the others like it’s 1990. They sound desperate not just to get their voice back out in the world, but to reinvigorate the rap game too. This is their passing of the torch moment for sure, and Earl, Kendrick, J Cole and Joey Bada$$ get their due credit, but it plays like a call to arms for rappers everywhere to rediscover their poetic drive. If this is to be the last ATCQ release, it couldn’t have been better.


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