#47: The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing


The 22-year wait for new Roses material ended in May this year with the decent but limited single ‘All For One’. The public thirst for a third album from the former crown princes of Manchester waned somewhat in its aftermath, and by the time this second new single emerged later in the summer, it felt like no-one was listening. The nostalgic itch has been scratched, and the hivemind moved on to some other fleeting distraction. The shame is that this seven minute beast is the far more interesting piece of work. Admittedly, hearing Ian Brown singing at such length calls more readily to mind his solo work than the former highs of the old band, but the joy in hearing Reni and Mani, indie’s greatest ever rhythm section, alongside each other again is tough to ignore, and with John Squire’s unrestricted noodling all over it too, it had to make the list.


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